From Here to Your Joy: An Ecstatic Journey

It starts with a glimmer, a whisper, a yearning.

Calling from the core of you, the smallest ember of your flame.

At first, there may be junk in the way. Old family heirlooms, cobwebs and dust. A tangled mess of broken bed frames, slivers and rusty nails. Rocks and debris and slimy pools. Maybe even a solid wall of blackness, hiding your light so deep that you lost sight of it long ago.

Relish every ecstatic second of your life. photo by Camdiluv

Relish every ecstatic second of your life.
photo by Camdiluv

But it’s there, with a power and a pulse all its own, waiting for you to breathe life into it. To cup it in your hands and gaze in wonder as it glows golden and warm on your face.

It’s deeper than all that junk.

Ecstasy is your essence. A limitless well of pure water and molten light. Your purpose lies there, your creations, your joy. That mountainous mess only has the power you gave it.

No more. Not when that glimmer calls.

It just needs fuel. That fuel is attention.

And somehow, magically, that attention shoves the junk aside with nary a scratch (so little of it mattered anyway) and you are right there with your ecstasy. Beautiful embers. How you missed it!

You gift it with your breath, a soft exhale stoking the flame.

Warmth spreads, slowly at first. Eagerly, you coax it, amazed that you can feel it, even this small. In your belly. Your heart. This is your joy!

The more you breathe it, the bigger it grows, until your skin tingles and your chest swells. It fills your pelvis and spills down your legs. Ecstatic, turned on, more sensual than sexual. So alive. So different.

It flushes your face and you literally glow. Your mouth waters. It flows down your arms. Your hands burn with heat.

With a touch you could share it. It feels that easy. You’re positive it beams out your eyes, that you leave glowing footprints where you walk.

“Step in my puddles of light!” you pray, hoping that the next person can be lifted just a little, feel their own glimmer.

More and more and more you breathe your ecstasy and feel it flowing through your body. Your soul is on fire with passion and purpose. Your body sings the song of your intuition. You feel like your essence fills the whole world with light.

You are practicing joy and it is delicious.

Sure, there are still hard moments (life is like that). Even then, you know your ecstasy is just a breath or two away. When laden with sorrow, you still feel it. In the height of anger, it’s there. Joy is deeper than all of those difficult feelings. It isn’t the usual, temporary fleeting emotion, but ever-present and artesian. Unquenchable. It’s a cool waterfall. It’s molten passion. Clear. Vast. Beautiful.

You realize that most of the junk disappeared. Effortlessly. Some remaining gnarly patterns desperately cling, but it’s so much easier to confront them. Soon enough they will be gone, too, consigned to temporary visits. There simply isn’t room for such things with all this joy.

Because you are relishing every ecstatic second of your life.

This is your destiny.

You can find it. It flickers in moments of inspiration, in the excitement of ideas. You know what it feels like, even if it’s just a glimmer of a memory.

Then, when you find your ecstasy, it can grow forever.


This post was inspired by a conversation I had with someone in my office as I described the journey we were taking together. I realized I have this conversation a lot – and then, sometimes slowly, sometimes in a single session, we proceed to help it happen.

It’s miraculous and magical, and over the years, I’ve realized this ecstasy really does keep growing forever. I’m positive of it.  Often just the conversation is enough to feel the joy in your core and ignite the fire of your ecstasy. Can you feel the glimmer? Breathe and feel it right now…

If you would like some help, go ahead and schedule something with me. Guiding people on this path is truly one of my favorite things in the world.

Ecstatic Serenity

Ecstatic Serenity. – Photo by Tom Merton

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