Your Evolution is Right Now (Today is Your Birthday)

End of the Line – photo by Ephraim

The end of the world is always coming. Somewhere, somehow, in the mind of one or the minds of many, a catastrophic event will change everything. Let’s face it – the idea is embedded in our consciousness – from religious prophesy to the zombie apocalypse to every fifth movie that comes out, we are headed for the inevitable end.

It may happen.

It really doesn’t matter.

Here’s what DOES matter: Your evolution.

You see, there is no waiting in this game. If you are putting off saving the world, inventing that thing, writing that book, learning that language, starting that business, living your dream you are on the path to missing it altogether. Our legends of success are filled with philanthropists and kazillionaires so passionate about making something happen that they lived and breathed it. They squeezed in the time despite jobs and families and life getting in the way. One step at a time they went, plodding through mud and garbage and boredom and fear and failure until they gathered enough momentum to get there.

Those are our heroes – the ones willing to find a way to make it happen.

We made it! Here you are, right now, poised at the brink of your next step, your next grand adventure. You are actually here every morning, every afternoon, every step. Today is a little different though (and we need to take advantage of days like this). Today, we passed the brink of The End of the World, where a vast collective held their breath in the anticipation of some monumental transformation.

And that’s exactly what happened, if you let that global momentum nudge, push or kick you forward.

Today is your Birthday. Your New Year. Our New Era.

Shake It Off! photo by Andy Tyler

Refresh yourself! Shake off that old version of you, the one burdened by life and doubt. Emerge fresh and ready to make your dreams happen. What does that feel like? What does that look like? Breathe that feeling in – you’ll need it in the morning when you do it again. And today, take that first step. Maybe even two or three. Then tomorrow, another. Embed that vision inside you, and crawl towards it until you can walk, walk until you can run, run until you blast off.

Your evolution is right now. Let’s start walking.

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