You can’t make up lost time, but you can start again today

Remember the first time you decided to lose those extra pounds? Or resolved to read more books? Or learn a language? Imagine where you would be, today, if you had started 10 years ago when you first thought of it?

Here’s the thing. You can’t make up for lost time. Move past any regrets. Don’t let them prevent you from starting again, right now. Think of where you might be, in 10 years, if you put your passion back into it. Or, where you might be in one small measly year. December 31, 2010. Or even in one month. One week! How different would you feel, just starting and doing something you really want to do?

This might seem like a bit of a contradiction with yesterday’s article. Why bring up old defeats? Instead of defeats, consider those unaccomplished goals to be inspiration. You can imagine where you would be today, if only you had done it then…so restart today and find out just how good it can be.

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