Do You Know What Makes You Feel Alive?

What inspires you to dance and sing and shout out with joy?

Would you like to feel those things so deeply in your core that your very cells thump to the rhythm of your vibrant existence?

This is an exploration of you, your chance to discover new possibilities and create magic in your life.

Learn to live simultaneously in your body, in your mind, in your spirit and in your heart. Get turned on by living. Savor the sensuality of every moment.

Discover your ecstasy…

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At one point you asked me how I felt. I felt like a spring breeze had lifted and was blowing softly through me. I felt a sense of awakening, invigorated, aliveness and something very harmonious; and, an honest feeling of awe that I could arrive for my appointment being at one kind of place mentally and physically and find myself in such an entirely different place by the time you asked.

- Lisa

You help me see the ecstasy and the joy in peace and relaxation. You remind me that those things are possible, and help me realize that being in the moment is better than being in the mess of my mental problems and stressful brain activity. I can enjoy the sensuality of a sunrise...
- Carla

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