What is Everyday Ecstasy?



Ecstasy WordsAn everlasting, ever-present bottomless well of your joy. Is it covered with debris and difficult to drink from at times? Absolutely. But everyday ecstasy is the knowledge that it is there and that you can draw from it whenever you want it – even if it’s only a sip.


Ecstasy is wholeness – a state of being and feeling all levels of our existence simultaneously – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic. It is connection with the world around us – with nature, people, the elements, ourselves – with the seen and unseen. It is balanced, engaged, aware.


Feel life on your skin – the warmth of the sun, the tickle of the wind, the clothes on your chest. Listen to birdsong, music, the soft hum of the office, the abrupt musical pounding from the car next to you. Taste the air. See the colors. Experience your emotions, thoughts and spirituality through your  body. Notice everything through your senses – and relish the sensation.


More vivid than you thought possible. Color is sharper, sound more clear, your intuition right on. You can feel the pulse of your vibrancy, the energy flowing through you, into you, out of you. Your blood courses through your veins, your spinal fluid electrifies your center. You can almost feel the fluid in your joints and between your cells, a smooth lubrication that keeps you flowing, cushioned, spacious…


The pure expression of you, manifest in physical form –  out into the wide world or hanging on your wall doesn’t matter. This is your joyful shout, your soul’s voice. The act of creation is ecstatic communion with your life – essential for you to live fully and completely. Relish it, dive in, indulge in the glory of You.


Complete within yourself, not just thinking the connection between mind, body, spirit but feeling it. Everyday ecstasy nurtures the integration of your mind with your heart, follows that to a sense of greater purpose. And the connection spreads, from within to without, melds with the world around you, the people you interact with, the vast digital community, knowing that all really is One and completely whole.


The world is filled with possibilities. You are not afraid to try them. Today is an adventure – an adventure into something new and amazing. It may look exactly the same as yesterday, the same job, family, routine. But today, you see it with new eyes, new perspective. What excitement does it hold?


From curiosity, engagement. Interact with the life! Touch it, smell it, taste it. Let it in, feel it with all your being. Try out the possibilities and see what happens. Be present right here and now, this moment – alive with possibility. Do you feel it?


The moment awaits you, more full the more you live it. Everyday ecstasy immerses you in that moment, fills you with the experience of it, the flow of it, the connection of it. Your mind may not be able to process it all – every sensation of right now, but your body feels it, takes it in, gives it to you as a gift. It is completely present.


In the sea of life’s surprises, the whiplash from today’s emotional roller coaster, the cacophony of drama, you are calm. Engage if you desire to, and beneath it, you remain serene.


Enjoy the experience! Yes, some moments are definitely better than others. And even the difficult times have their own forms of pleasure –if anything, they allow us to truly relish the moments that you like indulging in. More importantly, allow yourself those moments. We live to experience pleasure, joy and ecstasy. Open up, invite life in, allow yourself to take and be taken by the sheer exhilaration of living. Make love with life!

Everyday Ecstasy is the joyful, sensual experience of living…

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We often associate ecstasy with orgasm – a place of abandon and heightened pleasure. Everyday ecstasy is not far from that – we abandon ourselves to living fully and feeling the pleasure of the experience. The interesting thing about arousal – our pain threshold actually increases. The same thing happens in a state of joy or ecstasy. We can handle things that normally seem intolerable. The chaos of life still happens, but it washes over us. We are more likely to laugh it off, learn from it, move past it, change it.

Imagine being excited to wake up in the morning, curious about the opportunities the day will bring. Imagine noticing the everyday miracles of life, loving the little things. Imagine a life filled with wonder…where every door and window is an adventure, every person you meet a whole world to discover, where your body tingles with aliveness and the next great opportunity waits just around the corner. Imagine being “turned on” by the sheer experience of living.

I invite you to take the journey. To dive into yourself. To take a physical and sensual leap into your emotions, your spirituality, your thoughts, dreams and lifetime patterns. I invite you to embrace your ecstasy and learn how to feel it all the time.

It takes practice to get there…and oh, the practice is beautiful. Imagine seeking out your happiness, filling yourself with it, and letting that ecstasy carry you through the harder moments – even transforming them into opportunities…sound cliché? The possibility is more real than you think – but it does take practice, intention. A lifetime of it, I suspect. The beauty is that the practice is ecstatic. Like great sex – it only gets better and better with experience. Would you like your life to be that way too?

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak