Waking up well: the miracle of health

Dawn of a new day. Savor every second. - photo by Ephraim

Dawn of a new day. Savor every second. – photo by Ephraim

I am amazed by the human body.

Most of the time, it seems that people don’t really think about it. And if they do, it’s during one of those moments when life and health feel so fragile. Take my wife’s broken back. For 8 weeks, she moved around with the help of a walker, couldn’t drive, barely slept despite the pain medications. Her companions were ice packs and caregivers. Progress was there, but dreadfully slow.

And then she woke up one day and felt better. Suddenly, the pain was more of an ache, if it was there at all. She moved faster, could drive around, take a walk around the block. The world opened with possibilities. We had both recovered from major trauma.

I thought of all the times I had been sick and had a similar experience, that sudden shift when I woke from death’s door (or so it felt), and knew I was on the road to recovery. I thought of the fat lip I got sparring last week – and how within an hour the swelling had faded and by the end of the day it was gone.

We humans aren’t quite so fragile. Sure there are cuts and scrapes and breaks and illnesses in this life. There is anger and heartbreak and sorrow. Isn’t it amazing that most of the time, we recover? And even when we have the misfortune of a long term illness, how somehow, we resiliently live and even love?

Truly, it is miraculous.

I wish you health, joy and miracles.

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak

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  1. Quinn says:

    I am glad you are writing again. Perhaps it is the love that is the miracle of the healing?