Superfoods for a new you

Food should taste good. We have so many options, so many ideas on what and how to eat for a better, healthier life. With all that information, it can’t be that hard to find something enjoyable AND good for you.

The hard part is allowing the change. Perhaps you like extreme measures and a gag reflex to think you are eating a proper diet. Or maybe, you could ease your way into greater health starting with things you enjoy, experimenting with foods you aren’t sure about.

Lists like this one on Oprah are fabulous – 25 superfoods. Some that will entice you immediately (dark chocolate anyone?) and others that might need a little time. And, recipes! Sure, you might like sardines, but what do you do with them? If you’re looking to improve your diet, you’ve got to start somewhere.

The problem with Oprah’s article is wading through the entire slideshow to get them all. Luckily, one blogger translated it into a list. I would encourage you to browse the images and advice on the slideshow first. Then, when you’re ready to print a copy for the fridge, try the other link.

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