Skip the Crap. Let’s Get to the Good Stuff.

It took me a couple of years in my practice to abandon all that shit about dealing with your past issues first.

Instead, I jump to the good stuff. And that’s not just because I’m a hedonist.

People get bogged down dealing with the past. “Before joy, I need to do this first. Before I can be happy, I need to clean my closets, lose 20 pounds, get over my mommy issues and find the perfect relationship.”

That’s backwards.

Riad Assakina - loved staying here.

Outside of Riad Assakina, the street smelled of urine. Inside, this terrace, a cool pool, mint tea. Marrakech is full of hidden wonders like this, but you’ve got to look for the good stuff to find it. – photo by Ephraim

Yeah, you might need to get past some things – but that doesn’t have to happen before the joy. In fact, joy will help you get there.

Joy is right now. It’s deeper than all the rest of it. It’s the thing you really want. It is the primary focus. And once you find it, lots of the garbage you think is in your way disappears.

(By the way, I realize “joy” might not be the exact word for you – choose the one that fits you best. I like “ecstatic”.)

All you need is a glimmer of your joy – a spark to kindle and breathe and cultivate into a bonfire.

Some people protest and say, “Of course I have to deal with my past first. Look how big it is! Look how in the way it is! I can’t see a thing in here!”

Believe me, if you really, really have to wade through something, it will show up again – all terrifying monster-under-the-bed and shit. Yeah, it’s in the way of your ultimate happiness. It can certainly snuff out your light.

But once you have that spark of your joy, you have a weapon. You have a fighting chance. You know that this is a real monster because all the rest have run away. Your joy took care of that, and now you actually have a chance to beat this guy. Because you know what you are fighting for: Happiness. Contentment. Freedom. Joy. Ecstasy.

Once you’ve tasted those things, they are fuel when it gets hard (because it gets hard). You need that if you’re going to make it. And with this, you can make it.

Keep in mind this idea: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Joy takes us to that next level – helps us see more clearly and find real solutions.

When I started skipping over the mess and focusing on joy in my work, the changes I saw were even bigger than before. Serious transformation, right in front of my eyes.

For a long time, I thought I was one of the only ones doing it that way, you know, skipping to the good stuff and seeing if any monsters were left. Then I found Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.

She also believes that you can’t really get there unless you know what you want to feel. We’ve got that backwards as a society. We set goals to finish things. To get a better house. To get an education. To climb the big tall ladder.

But too often, the fuel isn’t Desire and Joy. In fact, terrifyingly enough, we often don’t know the feeling we’re looking for at the end.

We’ve actually lost track of why we’re doing anything in the first place!

Does that sound familiar?

Here is the best reason to do anything: Because it brings you joy. It makes your world better and as a result, it helps your friend’s and family’s worlds get better. And theirs. And theirs. It can keep going and going on a mighty wave of joy.

How the hell did we get distracted from the actual point of existence?

Desire mapping brings all that back into focus. It’s already changed my language in my work. I’ve become more honed. I get to the core faster. If my clients all came in, desire mapped, we could go further, faster.

I could make this a prerequisite for ecstatic living consultations with me. Not because it’s basic – though it gets you to your core. Even better – it gives us a language around desire that we can make more real, more conscious, more transformative. It gives us the precise words that we can embed in your body and soul.

It’s like the archetype work I do. Once you know your archetypes, the language we speak changes, and allows us to go deeper. We communicate at a new level of understanding.


This looks like the good stuff to me. Does it make you happy just looking at it? I usually don’t even like banana cream pie, but I go out of my way for this treat at Zolo Grill in Boulder. Eat dessert first… – photo by Ephraim

I can totally imagine how cool it is – Desire Map plus Archetypes plus Ecstatic Living. A real communion of heart, mind, and body (they all lead to spirit). Archetypes take you into the symbolic – a realm where dreams speak. Desire map is emotional soul – the passion that fuels our momentum, our evolution and, as Danielle would say, our Revolution. Ecstatic living makes them alive in your body – sensual and real.

It isn’t essential that you find your archetypes or know your desires before you come and see me. In fact, if you like that path, I’ll hold your hand and we can do it together. And oh! the new places we’ll go when you have them.

Stop spinning your wheels in the wrong place. Get the tools that take you into your joy.

Here’s what to do next (pick one or more):

  1. Buy the Desire Map. Download it and get going.
  2. Schedule an appointment with me to find your joy and feel it to your core.
  3. Like the archetype idea? Want to know what the hell it is?
  4. Eat dessert first.

Don’t wait to start this journey. In fact, the sooner you start, the more joy you’ll have in your life. Everything I offer is designed to get you there. Jump in today!

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