Resolutions, possibility and the fifth chakra

The New Year always gets me excited.

I think it started when I was kid. My mom would have us sit down on New Year’s Day and write out our goals for the year. I would spend hours contemplating that list – dividing things into categories that I thought would occupy my next year. Creative, spiritual, physical, and educational were usually top featured. Later, financial became a part of it too.

For me, there was power in those moments: Thinking about the future, my desires, making them concrete. It filled me with possibility, excitement, hope – so much that I could feel my heart leap and swell at the potential of things to come.

Now, whether or not I make a list, that feeling starts up around the middle of December and takes me through the middle of February. I admit, I get excited all year about new possibilities, but this New Year thing is different. It has momentum. Promise. Tradition.

Caroline Myss talks about it as the holiday of the fifth chakra (throat). This is the chakra of the will, the place where the head and heart meet to discuss terms and desires. It can be a battleground or a place of melding. It is definitely the place to get our head and heart into alignment and open to some real power and possibility.

This year, consider the different voices from your head and heart. Weigh them with your mind and with your body. See if you can bring them together so strongly that you thrum with the possibilities. And don’t worry! January 6th isn’t too late to get started.

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  1. Loro says:

    I never thought of the throat chakra as where the head and heart meet for discussion, very interesting. I need to really consider this. I’m wondering if this could be why I hurt my neck… I guess it could be a battle of sorts. Now to figure out why!

    Thank You Ephraim!