Invoke Magic: Make Your Life Magical, featuring the best moonrise video of all time!

Every time I watch this video, I cry. The moon comes over the horizon and I just can’t help myself. I enjoy it most when I settle down and really allow myself to soak it up.

That’s how I’d encourage you to watch it, whether it’s your first time or your seventh. Take a breath and soak in the wonder. Feel it with your whole body. Open up your essence and invite it in. If you get distracted, breathe again and re-immerse yourself. Don’t worry, it’s only 3 minutes.

Then we’ll talk about magic.

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

How did that make you feel? Inspired? Full of awe and wonder? Bored? Try and identify the sensation in your body that the video evoked.

For me, the word is Magical, and it runs up and down the core of me like a silver beam of moonlight, diffusing softly in all directions until it’s the faintest tickle just under my skin. How vividly can you describe your feeling (and I’d love if you would share)?

I believe in magic. All kinds of it. I love the movies, the books, the art. I love fantasy worlds. I love it in life. It doesn’t matter to me whether the story is real or whether anyone else likes it. What matters is how it makes me feel – full of wonder and childlike curiosity. Bursting with creativity. Ecstatic.

Magic is the possibility that there might be fairies peeking coyly from behind those leaves. That invisible angels occupy the crowds at Grand Central, offering comfort with a tender touch. That a handful of gemstones can appear out of thin air. That I create my reality with intention. That a divine hand orchestrates our lives, and we get to choose how empowered we will be. That the essence of me goes on forever.

Sure, most of these things can’t actually be proven, and some seem very far-fetched (though who knows with the latest scientific advancement). Luckily, there’s also magic we can all agree on – the stuff we experience through our senses – like a moon rise in New Zealand, shimmering with the reflected sun, where people gather and watch and take in the amazing wonder of it.

And, unlike angels, fairies and Santa, the glory of a moonrise can be explained. To me though, explanations don’t matter. I am a child leaping and dancing and loving the magic. I am a man, crying at the beauty of it and the community it creates.

“Why” just doesn’t matter – not compared to the simple fact that I am inspired and that the privilege of beholding this awesomeness makes me want to be a better person. Suddenly, because of this moment, I want to learn more and give more and create more. I’m just so grateful that Mark Gee decided to share.

Invoke Magic is an invitation to allow yourself to full-body feel the beauty of the world. Let the wonder wake up in you.twit-bird Be moved and changed. Allow your appreciation for the unexplained beauty to slow you down, even if you can only savor it for a second.

Real Magic at Ironwood

This tiny Denver store felt like a Steampunk faerie wonderland. To me, that’s part of the real magic in the world. Just open your eyes and it’s there.

The key to truly invoking the magic is letting it move you. The beauty of the world can kindle the magic in you, but only if you surrender to it – like you just did watching the video. In fact, you need the wonders of the world and the support of your community to help you remember the awe. It’s a lot like massage or yoga or hiking – even when you take care of yourself, the next session just helps you feel better.

Then later, when life is hard and the outside world doesn’t look so wonderful, you can still find the beauty in the depths of you, realize that your internal wonder is far more powerful than your external difficulties and change the course of that moment, that day, maybe your entire life.

I see so much magic. Not just in all the natural wonder of the world, but also in the transformation of people. Our enlightenments are amazing. When we decide to let beauty in, even the mundane becomes fresh and fascinating. Suddenly, our perspective turns around and we can see again. Our Curiosity is restored. We believe we can make our dreams happen – and we can!

I love helping people find their magic. It’s amazing to watch their face start to glow, to see the possibility light up in their eyes, see the joy come back. They stand up straighter, walk with confidence. They remember who they are. They’re excited to get out there and spread their gifts again.

When I made Invoke Magic my business name, I imagined it as the warm glow of newfound treasure, some magical box deep within your body and soul, finally opened. Inside, once your eyes blink and adjust to the light, worlds appear. There are white sand beaches and calm oceans, waterfalls into hidden jungle pools, meadows of sunlit flowers. Everything is possible when magic unlocks inside of you. At that moment, manifestation begins and you create reality.

For me, living in that wonder is what Modern Hedonism and Making Love with Life is all about. Your world is alive with sensuality – joy literally warms your soul. Your skin actually tingles with possibility. A deep breath of fresh air is like nectar of the gods. Your mouth waters. You are intimately interacting with the world outside of you AND the marvelous worlds inside. It’s sensual, alive, astounding.

All you have to do is open that box. What do your worlds look like?

More importantly, what do they feel like?

Take some time today to invoke some magic of your own. Invite the wonder into your body and vision – the freshness of a child mingled with the wisdom of an adult. Let it carry you into your next great adventure. And, if you’re having trouble finding it, feel free to schedule a session. We’ll go looking together.


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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak

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  1. Amie says:

    Magical, full of awe and wonder, emotional….I could go on. This was absolutely amazing, and as I watched the first people arrive, I envisioned dancing on the moon. Thank you for this gift of magic. You have set the tone for my entire day!

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