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Ecstatic Living Consultations

Think of this as ecstasy training. We get 1 on 1 with who you are, and I help you find what you want to feel and make it real. That way, you can make love with your life too.

As for my treatment I will send you this quote by Muso Kokushi:

“When it’s cold, water freezes into ice;
when it’s warm, ice melts into water.
Similarly, when you’re confused, essence freezes into mind;
when you are enlightened, mind melts into essence.”

You enlightened me with your touch.  You have a special gift from God.
– Arlene Malay, Director, School of International Esthetics

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Archetypes and Bodywork

I trained with Caroline Myss to help people find their archetypes. Honestly, I am amazed every time I do work with them. Insanely accurate, deep look at who you are, where you’re going and how to get there. AND, I can help you feel them in your body. Wouldn’t you like to know your stories?

Some of your best stuff is when I drop a chart and you analyze it. I’m amazed by the insight and how much information you find there.
– Peg

The author, Rita Marie Hamilton, comments, “Maybe that’s the only thing we can actually ‘do’ on this path. We put ourselves in places where we can be exposed to others who are living their life from this awake place. And the rest is grace.”

You are certainly one of those people. So amazing how it all unfolds.
-Julia H.

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Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map

Get to the core of what you want. Desire Map gives you the words for your deepest desires and helps you align your whole life to fulfill them. I loved what I found in The Desire Map so much, I wanted to offer it to you.

“There’s a universe in every word” – Danielle LaPorte

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