Just Jump: A sure way to trouble, success and, of course, Brian

We’ve all got precipices in life – the steps we are afraid to take, the passions we are afraid to pursue, the things we are afraid to say.

Looking off the edge of that cliff doesn’t help much either. From here, we can imagine all the things that could go wrong. It seems inviting down there, but it’s way too far to know.

And what about the landing? You could break a leg, die, or heaven forbid, trip and fall on your face in front of everybody.

Growing up, my outdoor stomping ground was Southern Utah. It’s an astonishing land of contrast, color and discovery – where red-rainbow deserts lie just around the corner and deep hidden pools lurk between towering cliffs. Wind etches stone into fragile, yet powerful arches. Water carves canyons into layers that reveal dinosaurs, goblins and other traces of mysterious history.

We walked through all of it – from desert to forested tree top, cross country over boulder fields in rain and mist, from summer snow drifts to scorching desert. A favorite hike of mine followed a stream over sand and giant boulders to a cave and water springing right out of the red cliff.

We would jump from 10-20 feet into pockets of sand – challenging each other to higher and longer leaps, some of them requiring a precise landing. Honestly, it’s amazing we didn’t break legs or skulls.

But the crazy one was Brian. Fucking mountain goat, that one. He would climb steeper slopes, jump-slide down crusty cliffs, leap to spires where a misstep meant a 200 foot drop, at least. We were crazy too, but not THAT crazy. I mean, seriously? Even with the competitive pressure of following everyone everywhere, that was more than we could handle.

Exhilaration! Just Jump!

One of the smaller leaps on that hike. Where was I planning to land?

Brian would just jump. Tough spot to climb? Just jump.

It became a mantra for the impossible things that we refused to do. Need to get across that 20 foot gap featuring a deadly drop? Just jump. Need an answer to this dilemma? Just jump.

Let me tell you, when you’re standing on the edge of fear, the edge of living your dreams and of doing what it takes to fulfill yourself, it feels easier to brave real cliffs. Might as well jump off the Grand Canyon – at least you know the result.

Somehow, emotional and creative leaps terrify most of humanity into never really reaching their potential. That’s sad. Can you imagine the innovations, the words, the ideas that have never actually gone farther than a spark in someone’s mind? We need your genius.

Just jump!twit-bird1


Standing on the edge of that metaphorical cliff, it’s impossible to see the dangers or the possibilities. There is no guaranteed outcome. Most of our success heroes have a history of failures behind them. Remember this though: Most of the time, you aren’t risking your life here. People may laugh. You may fail. You may find courage. You may succeed.

I do know this – you won’t gain anything if you don’t jump. In fact, that leap of faith might be the only thing standing between you and your dreams.

Here’s my leap today: This Fall, I’m releasing my online course. It’s called Make Love with Your Life. It will transform your life into a sensual wonderland. Want to know more? I’ve created a page to tease you. Sign up on the list there and you’ll be first to get all the details.

Now that you’re on the list, what jump will you take today? I’d actually love to know…

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