Just Do It! How a Little Bit of Action Changes Everything

I sometimes fall victim to Toxic Option Syndrome. I think it is most commonly associated with shopping – so many brands and stores and colors and sizes. So many that I stand in a stupor and buy nothing. For more minutes than I care to admit.

That in-store thing is really a minor event. In the end, who really cares which one?

But when it comes to life decisions, it’s a different story. What’s the next step in my business or my career or my relationship? What is my life path? Where should I focus my creativity? And if I inch my toe into one idea, what about all those others that come flooding in? What if I waste my valuable time? Or my money? What if this whole thing is a dead end? Then what have I done to myself?

Can’t I do all of them? I’m a multitasker! I’ll just do these seven projects and learn to draw and launch this class, and, and…

And so, the obvious choice is just like the store. Stand in a stupor and hope the answer comes – only in this case it can last for days, months, years, lifetimes. And standing there still doesn’t tell me the RIGHT one. Surely there is a right answer!? (as I glare suspiciously at the heavens.)

Honestly, I don’t find myself in that place as often as I used to, thanks to some advice I received a few years ago.

“Just DO something. Anything. Pick one and go!”

“But…” I stammered. And was interrupted immediately.

“No buts! This isn’t permanent. But you have to ACT, or there’s nothing to work with. A little action in any direction gives the universe something to build on. And that way, you might be able to avoid a cosmic club to the side of the head.”

That didn’t sound good.

So, I did something. Not something I was really excited about, but it was an opportunity knocking. (Besides, I figure violent attacks from gods are something I may not survive).

After awhile, there were more knocks on the door. Some literal, some profitable, some very exciting. And it keeps happening, as long as I’m putting in some energy or motion or action. Yes, you can coast for awhile, but it takes some care and feeding to see it grow. I was amazed that it actually worked. And continues to work over and over.

So get out there and just do it! Stop thinking about the possibilities and move those ideas into tangible creation. You can even set a timeline for yourself. Say, three months. Or a month. Even a couple weeks of concerted effort.

If nothing happens, or you don’t like it after than time, then try something else.

See, it wasn’t so bad.

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2 Responses to “Just Do It! How a Little Bit of Action Changes Everything”

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  1. Eleanor says:

    Was this written for me? It seems like it. I have a lot of projects going on and the day seems to go pretty fast some times. Anyway, the acting is pretty good too. A plan is nice but not always available to have, sometimes I just have to wing it. Thanks Ephraim for your great sharing. It’s great to see someone else having similar thoughts.

  2. Ephraim says:

    The thing is, you don’t need to have a long term plan to act. Just do something and the next actions start to fall into place, as well as the plan of action beginning to unfold.