The Irresistible Spark of Love

Making Love.

Breathe in the sunrise…

Have you ever thought about what it means to make love?

In a world that feels dark and painful, where hope seems lost and joy is washed away by the sheer struggle of living, what we need more than anything is to Make Love.

We need factories to pour out pink smoke with rainbow linings, so the air we breathe lifts our hearts. We need our water to be infused with peace bugs that fill us with compassion for the people and things we don’t understand. We need salt made of gratitude and sugar made of hope. We need to take a sunshine supplement that makes our souls glow.

We need to eat and breathe and smell and touch Love.

Here’s the thing. We already have that. Every breath you take and morsel you eat and drink you sip and birdsong you hear is full of love and light and hope.

Oh sure, you can choose. You can eat the bitter pill and believe that life is a shit hole and we are all fucked. I’ve eaten that pill too, and wandered into despair.

The magic gate

Instead, choose to believe that life is conspiring in your favor, that it wants to Make Love with you, and spread that love into every sound and gaze and heart.

The choice to Make Love with Your Life sparks the love in your soul – even when you are buried deep in struggle. The friendly hello or the compassionate hand sparks warmth in a stranger, a friend, a lover and helps them remember, too, that there is love and hope and joy and connection.

As that spark travels, it builds. It energizes you to be who you are and radiate your magic. It gives people around you hope and momentum to do the same, and exponentially, the world changes.

We forget how powerful love can be – and how much life wants us to have it. All you have to do is remember…

Try this:

Fill yourself with a breath. Let the beauty of the clouds, the animals, the trees, plants and earth spill into you. Let the joy, connection, and acceptance of that moment replenish you. And then as you exhale, let it flood out of you, from your eyes and touch and essence, an infectious spark, a pandemic of love that fills the planet.


I just released my online program, Make Love with Your Life. It’s designed for busy people, who want to feel alive and joyful and sensual and just don’t have time.  Amazingly, all it really takes is a breath and a moment of presence.

The subtle, easy transformations you’ll learn in this class can change your world. The quick practice is enough to change everything, and there’s enough additional material to help you engage as deeply as you desire.

I love doing this class around Valentine’s Day to celebrate and cultivate the longest relationship you’ll ever have – the relationship with your life. Do yourself a favor and see what it’s all about.

Class starts on Saturday, February 18th. You probably won’t see this again until next year, so don’t wait!

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak