Intention vs. attention

Ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately wanted something far out of reach? A better body. An answer from God. Your relationship to mend. A happier life.

You want it so badly that all you can think about is having it. Everything else falls to the side – including your joy – and you live in a state of near panic, depression, anger, hope, and disappointment all the time.

But as good manifesters, we feel we must cling to the thought all the time. To keep the doubts that taint our prayers out of the mix – out of our minds. To make sure we don’t miss the answer. We curse ourselves when we forget to stay focused. And ironically, I think that clinging prevents us from actually finding the solutions we seek.

I propose another option, one much less distracting and much more open. The subtlety is in Attention vs. Intention.

Attention is conscious thought, all the time. It is the thing in the forefront of your mind, and holds the danger of distracting us from the present moment.

Intention is a moment of extreme focus – as much as you can muster – where you put your plea out to the Universe. Perhaps you do this in the morning or evening or the beginning of the year. Perhaps you write it down. Or post it on your wall. Then, let it go. Forget the specifics. Let it drift and sing on the wings of angels all day long. Let your soul decide how to best manifest your desires. Get out of your own way!

This is where Attention comes in. In the midst of surrendering to all of your possibilities, living your beautiful life, watch for the signs. Books and people and events and encounters that answer your prayers of the morning, or from last year, or that time when you were seven and wanted a pony. Anything can happen in that place of openness, and almost always it is unexpected, emerging from sources you wouldn’t possibly have considered.

In other words, stay in the present, focusing on the sheer joy of your existence. Your prayers, after all, were offered this morning. Trust that you have been heard and allow yourself to see the answer!

Then, if you want, the next morning or evening or whenever, bring yourself back to those specific Intentions. Remember and refresh them in your mind. Then offer them up again…

Have a beautiful day.

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2 Responses to “Intention vs. attention”

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  1. Rage says:

    I’m glad you’re back. Sometimes in that moment of focus, that Plea to the Universe, we can understand what our intention really is, which is not always what we thought it was. Don’t forget to pay attention to the truth of your intentions.

  2. Ephraim says:

    That is so true! How often do we not even know our intention – or even yearn for some purpose to guide us? Thanks for the comment!