Indulgence for the holidays

French Silk Pie with a raw almond crust. Made by Susie, photo by me.

This is less a confession and more a statement of policy.

It is the holidays after all.

Thus, all rules and guidelines that might be more acceptable in terms of health and weight loss have a much greater… fluidity … than other times of the year.

No, I’m not going to eat a bottle of maraschino cherries. I have enough of those already floating around my stomach from 4th grade. Besides, they really don’t taste nearly as good as they did when I was a kid.

However, Grandma’s raisin tarts, eggnog, fresh whipped cream on French silk pie will not go to waste if I have anything to say about it.

Isn’t it amazing how fast the pounds can re-accumulate though? I gained four in the past week. I didn’t want that information to be the second post on Modern Hedonist, but isn’t that the way of things? There is an undeniable ebb and flow to anything we do. Too often, we translate “backslides” as failures and give up entirely. Don’t do that! I plan to continue my quest for a healthy hedonistic lifestyle for a very long time.

And actually, I don’t even see those extra pounds as a mistake at all. By Thanksgiving, I had already decided that I would be feasting on holiday goodness through most of December, especially during the week of Christmas. I figured I’d gain a few pounds and then let it slip away in the first couple weeks of the New Year. Easy come, easy go.

See? This isn’t really a confession at all. It’s more of a conscious choice to indulge for the holidays, guilt free, and accept consequences both positive and negative.

So treat yourself to that piece of pie with extra whipped cream, and enjoy your New Year’s parties – every last bite.

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  1. Jen says:

    This is the perfect way of looking at the hioliday’s! When trying to lose weight you have to make the conscious decision that this is for the rest of your life. Not just “after I lose the 30lbs, then I dont have to worry about what I eat anymore”. It is ALL about life change and what will bring you the most joy for all the days of your life!