Selfishly Happy, or How to Change the World

The greatest thing you can ever do is be happy.

It’s true.

Be selfishly, beautifully, indulgently happy.

Most people think that isn’t allowed. They believe focusing on themselves is bad.

But what if you could change the world that way?

Bathing in Sunshine Happiness

Bathing in Sunshine Happiness – an afternoon in New York City.

Happiness spreads. It’s a warm blanket on a cold day. It’s sunshine after a rainstorm. It’s love in the holiday season. You’ve seen it happen – one extremely happy person can transform an entire room.

You already know it goes the other way, too. You’ve been in those situations when someone is so angry or so sad that they bring everyone down with them.

Everything you feel spreads. You are radiating yourself all the time, influencing everyone you come in contact with. Your passions, your emotions, your imagination, your hope, your pain.

Giving yourself the gift of your happiness keeps you full and bright. click to tweet! It shines in your eyes. It spreads love wherever you go. You’ll leave smiles and blooming flowers behind you.

Let me be clear – you can still help people before you’re fully, ecstatically happy. Even a glimmer of love or a genuine smile can lift someone’s day (and yours). A helping hand can change someone’s life. Perfect is overrated and misunderstood. If you’re waiting for that, you’ll never get anything done.

And the happier you are, the more energy you have to truly help someone else. You’ll become immune to the random negativity that shows up at the party – not only will it effect you less, but your happiness will help shield everyone else. You might even help Angry Person turn their world around, too.

How generous is that to you and the world? How amazing to have your greatness – your joy – creating happier lives. Is there a better gift?

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So, how do you get there?

Some days, that feels pretty impossible. Is there some Jedi mind trick to turn on the joy? Actually there is, but not in your mind. Happiness lives in your body.

Have you ever felt the warm glow of your joy, like a flush of pleasure in your heart? Or the feeling of fullness in your belly after a particularly satisfying day?

Try this, right now: Feel back to a moment when you were happy, anytime from five seconds ago to your childhood. Notice what it’s like on a physical level. Where is it in your body? In your heart? Your hands? Your face? Is it warm? Soft? Smooth? It could be anywhere in your body, feel like anything.

Be curious. Explore the physical sensation of your happiness, breathe into it, relish it. As you do, you might even have images come to you – sunshine, fields of flowers, the sounds of the ocean, a day in the park (there are so many possibilities!). You are making that moment alive again, right now. Those sensations anchor you to your joy, and make happiness much easier to find than simply thinking about it.

If you’re having trouble, you might just need to clear some emotional space. Ever noticed how a walk really does help? Even a deep breath? A hot shower? That small physical shift can give you a precious moment of clarity in the barrage of daily stress and busyness. Use that moment to fill yourself with joy.

I actually use showers all the time to reconnect with my joy and find inspiration – it’s pretty amazing how well it works.

The more you feel your joy, the more it can spread into the rest of your being and into the world around you. Stay curious, keep practicing (such delicious practice!). Remember, there is no arrival – your happiness just gets better and better.

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