Discover Your Everyday Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a choice – one that we can make every moment of every day. We aren’t in that habit. Not yet.

You might not have even realized it is a choice, when in fact, it’s the best choice you can make.

Modern Hedonist – this website – is about making that choice as often as you possibly can. I want you to be ecstatic. It’s good for you, for your friends, your family, for the entire planet. It helps you be more creative, live fuller, have better sex. It is communion with your entire world.

It helps you to live a happy life.

Would you like that?

These pages and posts are an introduction to get you started. Jump in, savor, splash about. It gets deeper and yummier as you go. If you want to come along, be sure to sign up for more.

In the meantime, Enjoy…

Invitation to Ecstasy

Get started right here, with easy suggestions that can start changing your life right now.

What is Everyday Ecstasy?

Get a feel and flavor for what Everyday Ecstasy can be

The Ecstasy of Questions

Savoring questions is the road to real answers. I loved this little exploration…and be sure to look closely at the Rilke quote at the end.

Everyday Ecstasy – Even When It Sucks

A couple tips on how to manage – and even enjoy – the unpleasant little things in life.

Want some help discovering and living your ecstatic life? I can do that too.

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak