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Strawberry Soup from Cafe Jolie in Paris.

Strawberry Soup from Cafe Jolie in Paris.

You can’t live fully if you aren’t Vital. You need to flow, dance, enjoy. That includes the way you eat, the way you move, the way you connect with your body.

Wellness encompasses it all – from the way you breathe to your capacity for pleasure.

Let’s face it, the healthier you feel, the more ecstasy you can take in.

That’s why Modern Hedonism includes a healthy lifestyle – whatever that means to you.

What kind of food makes you feel most vibrant and energized? What movement gets your blood pumping and you motivated? How do you nourish yourself in a way that makes you feel alive?

And what dulls your mind, makes you sluggish, and feels crappy?

You get to choose.

Around here, it’s an important topic of discussion. Check out these choice tidbits to get you started.

 7 Steps to a Sugar Cleanse

One of the biggest game changers in my dietary awareness was realizing sugar is a BIG DEAL. These three weeks of cleansing changed my viewpoint on sugar and what I could really do if I put my mind to it.

You CAN do Anything! How to Be Healthy and Alive

A few simple essentials to get things done – featuring a new outlook on health.

Waking up well: the miracle of health

You are a miracle! Be amazed…

…and chocolate

Because chocolate helps you live better.

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