You’re a procrastinator.  We all are. Get over it.

Seriously, it’s hard to wade through yourself, get off your ass, and fulfill your dreams. I fight that battle every day, and some days are lots harder than others. Some days, I just go to the movies.

Know what else? I love when I actually do accomplish things. When I embark on that road to success, rack some small victories. New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – that much collective motivation, no matter how soon it is abandoned, is a really big deal.

Of course, the real key is keepin’ on.

It’s simple. And it’s also very hard. I’ve laid out a few ideas below to get your dreams moving and your life fabulous.

Don’t wait! Read now! 🙂

Fuck Goals. Forget Resolutions. Embrace Happiness.
Let’s get something straight right from the start.

Your Evolution is Right Now! (Today Is Your Birthday)
Wondering when to start? Wait for your birthday.

Just Do It! How a Little Bit of Action Changes Everything
It really only takes the smallest of steps to get momentum…

Intention vs Attention
It’s a HUGE difference. Manifestinators – this will make your world even better.

Revive Your Daily Mojo
This post originally was a holiday piece – don’t let that deter you. It contains 4 essential daily steps to get your shit done.

The Soundtrack
Couldn’t help myself.

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