Ready to live your ecstatic life?

Here is an overview of how I can guide you on the journey:

First – find your joy.

  • Feel it in your body, and learn how to bring it back when you need it. This is the first step to understanding everything in your life on a bigger level.
  • Change your focus! We spend too much energy on unimportant things. For now, we are skipping over the pain, moving outside the problem, and refocusing on what you really want to be doing and feeling in your life. We get to the pain later if finding your ecstatic self doesn’t already release the issue – and if it does rear its head again, you’ll have powerful tools to understand, appreciate and let it go again. Right now, we’re using your joy to rebuild, interrupt and transform the pattern of your pain.
  • Sometimes, finding and feeling your joy takes only a single session before you feel deeply transformed. Sometimes, it can take several. Once it’s begun, we can explore deeper and really start to play…

Next – embrace your ecstatic life.

photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Once we have you seeing and feeling differently, we can go further to enhance your life, awareness and ecstasy.
Here are a few possibilities:

  • Discover your purpose. Your patterns. Your archetypes.
  • Understand your elements, archetypes, emotions, thoughts through your body. Learn to change the state you are in to a state that you want with breath and body awareness.
  • Learn to live and perceive through your body (you already know the mind bit).
  • Understand more perspectives, be in the present – conscious intuition, conscious presence.
  • Understand the pleasure of your life (and how that heals you and the world around you).
  • Pleasure, sensuality, ecstasy.
  • More tools to swim – I’m not going to let you enter these waters without giving you some swimming lessons…
  • Life is your lover – how do you want the relationship to be? (even when it treats you like a bitch).
  • The feminine and masculine parts of you.
  • How to take this to work, to school, to your relationships, to the bedroom, to creativity, to exercise. How to take it everywhere.
  • Tune-ups! Keep yourself honed, remember who you are, exercise your senses, practice your symbolic sight.

What to Expect

Sessions take place via phone, skype (barring technical difficulties), or in my Denver office. Every session is different, catered to your needs. We’ll almost always have some intention on bringing you to a more ecstatic place –beyond that, the needs of the moment will dictate how things go. What’s up for you right now? How does that relate to larger patterns in your life? What tools can we use to overcome that, both right now and when it shows up again? How can you keep yourself anchored in joy and ecstasy? How can you further enhance your living experience?

We can talk about anything. Relationships, finances, sexuality, spirituality, creativity, enlightenment. This is a place to unwind and look at the things you might be afraid to express otherwise. We can range all over the map. Often we’ll use meditations, visualizations and body awareness to supplement what we are talking about. Most sessions will include personalized tools you can use right now to take yourself further in your exploration of ecstatic living.

If we can meet face-to-face in my office, we may also incorporate hands-on healing. Integrating my years of massage training into your session allows the visualizations and feelings to become more real in your body – you can feel the flow of the images and the energy. Essential oils may also be a part of your experience, catered to the needs of the moment, along with stretching and other massage and energy healing techniques.

Touch is one of the most potent healing methods we have, and in this case, helps to combine the experience of your emotions with your body sensations in ways that make it much easier to practice living your ecstatic life.

In every session we have together, whether it be over the phone or in person, you can count on my complete attention. In the time we have together, my experience, tools, skills and love are focused exclusively on helping you find and live an ecstatic life.

Everything is absolutely confidential. That includes with your spouse, your friends, my friends and my spouse. I never talk about specific issues in a way that links you with the information – though at times,  I may use your experience as an anonymous example to help other people in my sessions or articles. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let me know.

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