Cultivate Your Creative Genius

Creativity is your life blood of evolution – an instinctual desire to contribute your essence to the world. The closer it is to your soul, the harder it is to let it out. You’re exposing yourself.

Let’s get something straight right now: You Are Creative.  If you missed that memo, there it is again. Most likely, you have that book in you. Or a painting. Even if your creativity doesn’t follow the usual “artistic” channels, you’ve got something in you that needs letting out. Your genius.

It’s essential for your soul.

This page has a few pointers on how to follow that creative road. A few things I’ve picked up along the way as I struggle, embrace, love and hate the process. Stay with it, despite those nasty voices in your head that say you’ll never get it.

We need you.

How to Spark Your Creativity
Sometimes, you simply need a jump start – something that gets the juices flowing. Find that here.

Seize the Moment of Inspiration
Ideas are like dreams – gone in a flash of distraction. Don’t let that happen to you.

Beat the Learning Curve in Two Simple Steps
Once your in the process, things can get a little choppy. These are the steps to keep you on track.

Morning Pages: Your Daily Creative Jump Start
How about a daily writing meditation? Julia Cameron of the Artist’s  Way made this fabulous practice famous. Make it yours.

Your Daily Hour of Sensuality
How are you going to fit in an entire HOUR of sensuality? You’re already doing it.

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