You CAN Do Anything! How to Be Healthy and Alive

Planting magic in the wind

  When I started Modern Hedonist, it was about a lifestyle transformation. I had grown fatter than I wanted to be, I felt less healthy and energetic, and I wanted to find a way to live more balanced while still loving life. At that moment, it had a lot to do with food. There are lots of “bad” things to eat out there – and sadly, my body let me know it was time to change. […] Read more »

7 steps to a sugar cleanse

I caved under peer pressure. Most of the popular diets start with some kind of sugar cleanse. I don’t mean just the white granulated sweetness either – though white is a key characteristic to avoid. White bread. White flour. Rice (even brown rice – it could be white). Potatoes. Pasta. If you want to do this right, all are off the list. The terror doesn’t stop there. Replacement sweeteners need to go for awhile too. […] Read more »

Healthy hedonism: A personal journey

A couple months ago, I knew that things had to change. You see, over years of delicious feasting and no exercise countermeasures, I’ve put on a few pounds. Enough that my BMI (body mass index) rates me as obese – and that was years ago. And I just kept going higher. Now I had reached my highest ever – about 232 pounds. It’s not as much as some – and for many, it really can’t be controlled […] Read more »

Resurrection: revive your life today

Spring is here! The first crocuses and daffodils are raising their plumes above the snow, tiny buds gather themselves to burst into life-gathering leaves, and people are beginning to go out without their coats – at least during the day. Today, Christians celebrate Jesus’ rise from the dead – an event that allows them to someday return to life from death. Most world mythologies have similar stories of death, rebirth and renewal. Persephone’s annual return […] Read more »

Superfoods for a new you

Food should taste good. We have so many options, so many ideas on what and how to eat for a better, healthier life. With all that information, it can’t be that hard to find something enjoyable AND good for you. The hard part is allowing the change. Perhaps you like extreme measures and a gag reflex to think you are eating a proper diet. Or maybe, you could ease your way into greater health starting […] Read more »