Your Evolution is Right Now (Today is Your Birthday)

The end of the world is always coming. Somewhere, somehow, in the mind of one or the minds of many, a catastrophic event will change everything. Let’s face it – the idea is embedded in our consciousness – from religious prophesy to the zombie apocalypse to every fifth movie that comes out, we are headed for the inevitable end. It may happen. It really doesn’t matter. Here’s what DOES matter: Your evolution. You see, there is no […] Read more »

Fuck goals. Forget resolutions. Embrace happiness.

There is a mountain of unfinished projects behind me. Luckily, I’ve let that disappointment go and simply accepted that they just can’t all get done. Some were too big. Others, too boring. Others, well…everyone is lazy sometimes. Maybe, there just wasn’t enough momentum behind the resolution. Not enough caring. Not enough personal desire to change. Adopting a new discipline is hard. It can be worth the effort (Look at the pounds go! Look at my business flourish!). Without real […] Read more »

Gratitude changes everything

I have always had a difficulty with forced gratitude. That Thanksgiving tradition, when everyone expresses something that they are grateful for, was always hard for me. I felt like such things should flow from the moment, spontaneous outpourings of emotion. And yet, when I really allow myself to feel and express my appreciation, in spite of being asked, I feel it deeply – as if the cells in my chest swell up with joy and […] Read more »


“Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.” -L. Frank Baum   I can’t overemphasize the power of breath. A single deep breath has the power to calm your entire body – actually moves you one step closer to the parasympathetic nervous process of “rest and repose”. Instant relaxation, even if it’s only a little bit. Traditions ranging from physical to emotional to spiritual emphasize the power of the breath as the way to change your […] Read more »

Intention vs. attention

Ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately wanted something far out of reach? A better body. An answer from God. Your relationship to mend. A happier life. You want it so badly that all you can think about is having it. Everything else falls to the side – including your joy – and you live in a state of near panic, depression, anger, hope, and disappointment all the time. But as good manifesters, […] Read more »