From Here to Your Joy: An Ecstatic Journey

It starts with a glimmer, a whisper, a yearning. Calling from the core of you, the smallest ember of your flame. At first, there may be junk in the way. Old family heirlooms, cobwebs and dust. A tangled mess of broken bed frames, slivers and rusty nails. Rocks and debris and slimy pools. Maybe even a solid wall of blackness, hiding your light so deep that you lost sight of it long ago. But it’s […] Read more »

Sensual Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a sensual holiday. Golden turkey roasted to moist perfection. Bowls of brilliant-colored candies that melt away on your tongue. Cinnamon and clove spiced apple cider. The smell of pine wafts through the house, from a tree decked with baubles and lights and more sweet treats. Gifts wrapped in color and cheer enticing the imagination. The comforting warmth of indoors after a cold winter chill. We fill ourselves with the smells and flavors and […] Read more »

June 24 is Celebrate Your Senses Day! Let’s make it a month…

This just in: June 24th is Celebrate Your Senses Day! The five senses aren’t just for kids any more – remember how much fun that was in elementary school? Learning about touch, sight, smell, taste, sound? You got to eat raisins, right there in class! Well, it’s even better now. Adults use another word that encompasses the senses: sensuality. Here’s a definition to get you started (Merriam Webster): Sensual: 1 a : of or relating to […] Read more »