Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Sometimes, I run across videos I love so much, I want them right here, embedded in my website. They won’t get lost in a Facebook page, I can refer to it over and over, and know exactly where to find it when I want to watch it again – and you can too. This is one of those. (you may need a tissue)  Flawed by Andrea Dorfman   Flawed by Andrea Dorfman, National Film Board […] Read more »

A Prayer for your Goddess

Do you know that you are beautiful? That the Goddess sings through your voice? That your words are Her words; your song, Her song. That the smoothness of your skin, the glisten of your sweat, your tousled hair – all are a delightful expression of your beauty and your passion. It radiates from you, this glow of pure expression. May it overwhelm you. May this joy and light be embodied by you and every woman on the […] Read more »

The terrifying stirrings of attraction in the heterosexual male

Another great article from Salon. This columnist, Cary Tennis, writes about all kinds of life issues. I don’t always agree with him, but find him to be humorous and intelligent. This particular one features the confused cry of a young man attracted to women. Huh? Seems like attraction is something we all have to deal with on some level. I must admit though, I feel for him. What is this thing that attracts us so […] Read more »