Ecstatically, Sensually Alive

Savor every moment!

I just love life, this tongue-dripping adventure, body-full, sensually spiritual, ecstatically creative. Make love with the moment, with food, with poetry, with wind and thunder! Every act is making love. Get lost in it, dance with it, swim in it. Love the perfect moments as creativity pours from your fingers and body, soul and belly… that deep sensual fire in your belly. Lie back and let yourself fly over the mountaintops, riding your ecstasy into […] Read more »

A Prayer for your Goddess

Do you know that you are beautiful? That the Goddess sings through your voice? That your words are Her words; your song, Her song. That the smoothness of your skin, the glisten of your sweat, your tousled hair – all are a delightful expression of your beauty and your passion. It radiates from you, this glow of pure expression. May it overwhelm you. May this joy and light be embodied by you and every woman on the […] Read more »