You CAN Do Anything! How to Be Healthy and Alive

Planting magic in the wind

  When I started Modern Hedonist, it was about a lifestyle transformation. I had grown fatter than I wanted to be, I felt less healthy and energetic, and I wanted to find a way to live more balanced while still loving life. At that moment, it had a lot to do with food. There are lots of “bad” things to eat out there – and sadly, my body let me know it was time to change. […] Read more »

Indulgence for the holidays

This is less a confession and more a statement of policy. It is the holidays after all. Thus, all rules and guidelines that might be more acceptable in terms of health and weight loss have a much greater… fluidity … than other times of the year. No, I’m not going to eat a bottle of maraschino cherries. I have enough of those already floating around my stomach from 4th grade. Besides, they really don’t taste nearly as […] Read more »

Healthy hedonism: A personal journey

A couple months ago, I knew that things had to change. You see, over years of delicious feasting and no exercise countermeasures, I’ve put on a few pounds. Enough that my BMI (body mass index) rates me as obese – and that was years ago. And I just kept going higher. Now I had reached my highest ever – about 232 pounds. It’s not as much as some – and for many, it really can’t be controlled […] Read more »