Announcing Make Love with Your Life! Class starts February 18th

Make Love with your Life!

It’s here! It’s here! The key to transforming your life into a sensual wonderland. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. I mean really, you’re already doing it. All you have to do is pay attention. I’ll show you how. And in this course, I’m doing everything I can to help you make sensuality your every day, every moment state of existence. Wouldn’t you like to feel SENSUAL and ALIVE all the time? I […] Read more »

From Here to Your Joy: An Ecstatic Journey

It starts with a glimmer, a whisper, a yearning. Calling from the core of you, the smallest ember of your flame. At first, there may be junk in the way. Old family heirlooms, cobwebs and dust. A tangled mess of broken bed frames, slivers and rusty nails. Rocks and debris and slimy pools. Maybe even a solid wall of blackness, hiding your light so deep that you lost sight of it long ago. But it’s […] Read more »

Ecstatically, Sensually Alive

Savor every moment!

I just love life, this tongue-dripping adventure, body-full, sensually spiritual, ecstatically creative. Make love with the moment, with food, with poetry, with wind and thunder! Every act is making love. Get lost in it, dance with it, swim in it. Love the perfect moments as creativity pours from your fingers and body, soul and belly… that deep sensual fire in your belly. Lie back and let yourself fly over the mountaintops, riding your ecstasy into […] Read more »

Selfishly Happy, or How to Change the World

Bathing in Sunshine Happiness

The greatest thing you can ever do is be happy. It’s true. Be selfishly, beautifully, indulgently happy. Most people think that isn’t allowed. They believe focusing on themselves is bad. But what if you could change the world that way? Happiness spreads. It’s a warm blanket on a cold day. It’s sunshine after a rainstorm. It’s love in the holiday season. You’ve seen it happen – one extremely happy person can transform an entire room. […] Read more »

The Evolutionary Power of Awe

Our ultimate indulgence lies at the tip of our senses – waiting excitedly in THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW to inspire you to greatness. Awe is the essence of making love with your life. It is the ecstasy of divine connection. It is essential for your evolution. Enjoy: The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck – by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo. For a more humorous take on Awe, you can also check out this old favorite from Louis […] Read more »