The Irresistible Spark of Love

Making Love. Have you ever thought about what it means to make love? In a world that feels dark and painful, where hope seems lost and joy is washed away by the sheer struggle of living, what we need more than anything is to Make Love. We need factories to pour out pink smoke with rainbow linings, so the air we breathe lifts our hearts. We need our water to be infused with peace bugs […] Read more »

Invoke Magic: Make Your Life Magical, featuring the best moonrise video of all time!

Every time I watch this video, I cry. The moon comes over the horizon and I just can’t help myself. I enjoy it most when I settle down and really allow myself to soak it up. That’s how I’d encourage you to watch it, whether it’s your first time or your seventh. Take a breath and soak in the wonder. Feel it with your whole body. Open up your essence and invite it in. If […] Read more »

Open Wide and Let Life In – How Surrender is Good for You

Make Love with your Life!

Have you ever felt the sheer glory of living? I’m talking about full-to-bursting kind of love. Joy that gets you dancing on the street without a care for who’s watching. You feel as if you beam light out of your eyes and radiate happiness for a mile. No matter what happens, you know life will flow and everything will be all right. To experience life in its fullest, you’ve got to open up. Get intimate […] Read more »

Mouthwatered: How to Be Ravished by Life

The sweet taste of everyday ecstasy...

  Your ecstasy wants you. It wants to be relished, loved, savored. It wants to fill you until your skin tingles and your face glows. It gives you signs. Signs that life is close, that deliciousness is about to happen. And as you learn to recognize the signs, you get to relish those moments even more. You get to spread them around as gifts. You actually radiate your aliveness. The usual moments of ecstasy – […] Read more »

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Sometimes, I run across videos I love so much, I want them right here, embedded in my website. They won’t get lost in a Facebook page, I can refer to it over and over, and know exactly where to find it when I want to watch it again – and you can too. This is one of those. (you may need a tissue)  Flawed by Andrea Dorfman   Flawed by Andrea Dorfman, National Film Board […] Read more »