Selfishly Happy, or How to Change the World

Bathing in Sunshine Happiness

The greatest thing you can ever do is be happy. It’s true. Be selfishly, beautifully, indulgently happy. Most people think that isn’t allowed. They believe focusing on themselves is bad. But what if you could change the world that way? Happiness spreads. It’s a warm blanket on a cold day. It’s sunshine after a rainstorm. It’s love in the holiday season. You’ve seen it happen – one extremely happy person can transform an entire room. […] Read more »

Mouthwatered: How to Be Ravished by Life

The sweet taste of everyday ecstasy...

  Your ecstasy wants you. It wants to be relished, loved, savored. It wants to fill you until your skin tingles and your face glows. It gives you signs. Signs that life is close, that deliciousness is about to happen. And as you learn to recognize the signs, you get to relish those moments even more. You get to spread them around as gifts. You actually radiate your aliveness. The usual moments of ecstasy – […] Read more »

Skip the Crap. Let’s Get to the Good Stuff.

Riad Assakina - loved staying here.

It took me a couple of years in my practice to abandon all that shit about dealing with your past issues first. Instead, I jump to the good stuff. And that’s not just because I’m a hedonist. People get bogged down dealing with the past. “Before joy, I need to do this first. Before I can be happy, I need to clean my closets, lose 20 pounds, get over my mommy issues and find the […] Read more »

The Evolutionary Power of Awe

Our ultimate indulgence lies at the tip of our senses – waiting excitedly in THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW to inspire you to greatness. Awe is the essence of making love with your life. It is the ecstasy of divine connection. It is essential for your evolution. Enjoy: The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck – by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo. For a more humorous take on Awe, you can also check out this old favorite from Louis […] Read more »

How NOT to be a Muggle

The whole problem with Muggles, looking from the outside in, is that they don’t have magic. They’re stuck in a world without brushes that automatically wash pots, cars that fly, and the ability to petrify our friends in duels. In anticipation of the latest release, I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies again. In the third movie, as the wizard’s Knight Bus careens through the streets, Harry wonders how they possibly wouldn’t be seen by […] Read more »