Seize the moment of inspiration

It hits you anywhere, often when you are relaxed. In the shower, driving, daydreaming, listening to music, right before sleep, a conversation with friends. Sometimes, it hits in the midst of brainstorming (IT IS A BRAINSTORM!), where your creative juices are already flowing, fueled by ideas flying through the air, waiting to picked like a handful of cherries. Particular places can spark it – sitting in front of your computer with a blank page, a […] Read more »

How to Spark Your Creativity

Her voice caught me from the first note, swelling through the concert hall in a wave of sound. I didn’t speak the language – wouldn’t understand a thing until the English aria near the end. It didn’t matter. In fact, I barely glanced at the translations included with the program. I didn’t want to be distracted. Just a single voice and a piano player. Her expressions danced from anger to sorrow to thoughtful to flirtatious – I could feel the emotion without understanding […] Read more »

Just Do It! How a Little Bit of Action Changes Everything

I sometimes fall victim to Toxic Option Syndrome. I think it is most commonly associated with shopping – so many brands and stores and colors and sizes. So many that I stand in a stupor and buy nothing. For more minutes than I care to admit. That in-store thing is really a minor event. In the end, who really cares which one? But when it comes to life decisions, it’s a different story. What’s the […] Read more »

Resolutions, possibility and the fifth chakra

The New Year always gets me excited. I think it started when I was kid. My mom would have us sit down on New Year’s Day and write out our goals for the year. I would spend hours contemplating that list – dividing things into categories that I thought would occupy my next year. Creative, spiritual, physical, and educational were usually top featured. Later, financial became a part of it too. For me, there was […] Read more »

Stuck in Traffic? Try this:

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. – Auguste Rodin This is one I try to remember when stuck in traffic, late for an appointment. Or caught at a party I don’t want to be at. Tough not see those as a waste of time, and yet, I see the potential in traffic to enjoy a couple extra minutes of music or practice a meditation. At the party – who knows […] Read more »