Ecstatically, Sensually Alive

Savor every moment!

I just love life, this tongue-dripping adventure, body-full, sensually spiritual, ecstatically creative. Make love with the moment, with food, with poetry, with wind and thunder! Every act is making love. Get lost in it, dance with it, swim in it. Love the perfect moments as creativity pours from your fingers and body, soul and belly… that deep sensual fire in your belly. Lie back and let yourself fly over the mountaintops, riding your ecstasy into […] Read more »

Beat the Learning Curve in Two Simple Steps

Gorgeous curve

There’s a reason that we don’t want to learn anything. That dreaded, inevitable learning curve. The steeper it is, the more bodies are littered by the side of the road. The last time I started up one of those educational hills, I could swear there was an old guy with a long scraggly beard and a wooden sign: “The End of the World is Nigh!”   I probably should have believed him. In the time […] Read more »

You CAN Do Anything! How to Be Healthy and Alive

Planting magic in the wind

  When I started Modern Hedonist, it was about a lifestyle transformation. I had grown fatter than I wanted to be, I felt less healthy and energetic, and I wanted to find a way to live more balanced while still loving life. At that moment, it had a lot to do with food. There are lots of “bad” things to eat out there – and sadly, my body let me know it was time to change. […] Read more »

Reflect and Revive – Rev Up Your Daily Mojo

It begins today. The launch of the holiday season – the mad rush to the beginning of 2012, where we fill ourselves with new life, vigor, plans for fulfilling our dreams. I like the idea of starting all of that with a day of gratitude – thankful for a year filled with life and accomplishments. I plan to enjoy the food, the relaxation, the company of today. To let myself be filled with the experience […] Read more »

Don’t let the small things get in the way

The new year has been bursting with activity. Some resolutions actually evolving into habits and bigger and better ideas, others sitting on the back burner to wait for more opportune moments. I’m still excited. My cup is half full (there’s lots of room to play and learn). The setbacks in some areas don’t have enough weight to keep me from actively pursuing an ecstatic lifestyle. More than ever, I realize that isn’t just about losing weight and […] Read more »