Ecstatically, Sensually Alive

Savor every moment!

I just love life, this tongue-dripping adventure, body-full, sensually spiritual, ecstatically creative. Make love with the moment, with food, with poetry, with wind and thunder! Every act is making love. Get lost in it, dance with it, swim in it. Love the perfect moments as creativity pours from your fingers and body, soul and belly… that deep sensual fire in your belly. Lie back and let yourself fly over the mountaintops, riding your ecstasy into […] Read more »

Just Jump: A sure way to trouble, success and, of course, Brian

North rim of the Grand Canyon

We’ve all got precipices in life – the steps we are afraid to take, the passions we are afraid to pursue, the things we are afraid to say. Looking off the edge of that cliff doesn’t help much either. From here, we can imagine all the things that could go wrong. It seems inviting down there, but it’s way too far to know. And what about the landing? You could break a leg, die, or […] Read more »

Born: How carrying my mentor through the Mayan jungle transformed everything

Entry to the Underworld by Deanna Keahey

  Whenever Julia went to see him, she needed help. Her MS riddled body had left her unable to move much more than her head. She laughed and joked and played, but couldn’t get anywhere without a beast of burden to carry her around. That would be me. I would get to participate in the Circle. And I’d celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. That would be cool right? Luckily, I had forgotten all the stories […] Read more »

Your Evolution is Right Now (Today is Your Birthday)

The end of the world is always coming. Somewhere, somehow, in the mind of one or the minds of many, a catastrophic event will change everything. Let’s face it – the idea is embedded in our consciousness – from religious prophesy to the zombie apocalypse to every fifth movie that comes out, we are headed for the inevitable end. It may happen. It really doesn’t matter. Here’s what DOES matter: Your evolution. You see, there is no […] Read more »

How NOT to be a Muggle

The whole problem with Muggles, looking from the outside in, is that they don’t have magic. They’re stuck in a world without brushes that automatically wash pots, cars that fly, and the ability to petrify our friends in duels. In anticipation of the latest release, I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies again. In the third movie, as the wizard’s Knight Bus careens through the streets, Harry wonders how they possibly wouldn’t be seen by […] Read more »