Discover and Play with Your Archetypes

Have you ever dreamed of having a map for your life? A personalized instruction manual, perfect for guiding you through rough times and difficult decisions?

Your archetypes offer you such a map.

Identifying and understanding your archetypes brings new depth to the things you love, to art, to politics, to the way you perceive the world. They guide you on your soul’s journey, which is to find and fulfill your highest purpose with compassion, joy and love.

– LadyDragonflyCC

In a typical session, we will first figure out the question you want answered or the information you are seeking. From there, we will choose the archetypes that best relate to you and that question (or, if you have already discovered your core 12 archetypes, we will use those). Then we will cast a chart on an archetypal wheel and interpret the information that is revealed. It is very similar to analyzing a dream or doing a Tarot card reading.

We can also set out to discover your core 12 archetypes. This process takes at least two sessions and up to five, with each one ranging from 1.5-2 hours. It requires homework and self analysis. Many people find it to be an enjoyable and interesting process, as if you are taking a very in-depth personality test. In the end, you’ll come out with a map of your archetypes that can be used to help you answer questions and understand yourself more clearly. I think of it as an invaluable tool in my own life, one that continues to give me more and more information as I study, work with and act on the things I learn about myself.

We can also integrate your archetypes into body knowledge through massage and visualization, helping you to recognize the cues that reveal which archetype is most dominant in you at any moment, and how to change to a more appropriate perspective in a given situation.

All readings are a very interactive process. I don’t claim to be a mystic able to read the stars. I am a guide that offers you different perspectives on life and helps you find meaning and joy just as you are. I offer you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from sitting at the feet of many great teachers, the training I have in understanding and following intuition, and anything else that I have learned that might be of service. In the end though, it is your inner sense of what you need that is most important. I am simply trying to help you be more clear, so you can live a life filled with joy and abundance.

Would you like a little taste? Social media meets your archetypes at, and gives you a flavor for viewing your world through your new lenses.

Pick up the book Sacred Contracts and a deck of cards or the game – available on Amazon and numerous bookstores. Caroline Myss’s website is a treasure of information too.

When you want some help, I’m your guide. Schedule an appointment and we’ll start from wherever you are.

Bodywork – The Physical Anchor for Your Spiritual and Emotional World

I incorporate a variety of massage techniques-raising your frequency with vibrant essential oils, loosening blocked emotions with stretching and movement, easing your physical stress with deep tissue work, relaxing your internal organs with abdominal massage, opening your mind with visualizations and sound, and integrating it all with energetic and focused touch.

When you come in for a massage, we’ll talk for a bit to uncover your needs and concerns, from physical tension to emotional grief. From there, we’ll go to the table, where we will address those issues and discover tools for you to use after you are gone. These usually include visualizations, meditations and other activities to help you move into a place of greater fulfillment in your life.

We are rewriting your body canvas. I will help you to understand your emotions, your mind, and your spirit as they are reflected in your body. Things like anger, joy, pain and love are also body sensations, and as you learn to recognize them in your physical being, you can learn to change them with movement, with visualization, and even with a thought or a breath. You can live from a state of joy almost all of the time, and those times when you are not happy can be transformed faster than you might think.

Archetypal exploration can also be integrated into your session. As with emotions, you can understand the body clues of your archetypes. You’ll know in your body when you start to act childish, or like a Victim. It feels differently to speak with the clarity of a Teacher or to connect people together as a Networker, to feel the fierceness of a Warrior or the solitude of a Hermit. We will find out how your archetypes feel for you.

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