Pleasure is a gift.

You were born with all the tools to make your life an joyful, ecstatic experience.


That’s why you’re here, right? You know that joy is the best way to live.

You know that embracing your pleasure and embodying your desire transforms everything. It is an evolutionary act.

The more you embody your ecstasy, the more you realize that dreams come true and magic is real and you can live your joy every day.

It doesn’t change just you, it changes everyone and everything you touch.

Of course, you might not know exactly how you’re going to do that. You might not believe it’s totally possible, or even what it means to live ecstatically. What it means to be turned on by life. Orgasmic? Come on! How does that work in a grocery store…or anywhere outside the bedroom?

That’s what we’re here to explore.

Hi! I’m Ephraim

(That’s pronounced “EEE-from”. When I asked my parents why that name? “Because we liked it.” I do too. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

I’m a hedonist, poet, lover of life.

I help people find the spark of their aliveness, feed the delicious flame of their ecstasy, and fill their lives with joy.

I’m here to say that joy and ecstasy is possible in ways that will blow your mind. They’ve certainly blown mine.

It starts in the beauty of your body, spreads through your senses, transforms the way you eat and breathe and make love and connect with your soul. Yes, pleasure is spiritual. Your desires are holy.  This is a spiritual journey with all the components and add-ons. Holistic.

Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart = True Ecstasy.


  • Grew up a Mormon. I was devoted too – learned lots about God, service, spirituality. I did Boy Scouts through them, and got an Eagle. That really is hard work.
  • Went to school at the University of Utah. BA in English. I learned lots about philosophy and ways of looking at the world that I still use. I also learned that a great teacher is WAY more important than the subject matter.
  • Became an online restaurant reviewer. Always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t think it would be about food. That lasted about 8 years. I still have the pounds to prove it.
  • Somewhere in the reviewing phase, my life turned completely over. In a good way. Check this out – Born: How Carrying My Mentor Through the Mayan Jungle Transformed Everything.
  • Massage at the Boulder College of Massage. My bodywork training includes Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Work (deep tissue),  various forms of Energy Medicine and Reconnective Healing.
  • CMED – studying archetypes with Caroline Myss. Her work has brought the knowledge of the human energetic body and natural intuitive sense to a much larger audience. In addition, I have studied with many great teachers of spirit, consciousness and wellness, including Brugh Joy, Marie Elena Cairo, Julia Diaz, and Lench Archuleta.
  • Mayan Abdominal Massage training. There is so much power in your belly.
  • Training in Sexual Energy – now that’s a force that can change the world. Orgasmic with a breath? Yep. Totally possible.
  • Private practice since 2003. There really is lots to be said for experience.

More Tasty Tidbits

  • I do kung fu.
  • I didn’t like zombie movies until Shaun of the Dead. Now I do.
  • Action movies are pretty cool. And sexy movies. Secretary? Oh yeah. Really, I LOVE the movies.
  • Favorite personal archetypes: Trickster, Poet, Knight, Hermit, Hedonist 🙂 You’ll love yours too.
  • 2 dogs, 1 cat. Turbo, Eliot and Slinky.
  • I try really hard to practice what I preach. I even do the things I recommend to clients – they really work!
  • I Bellow.
  • I’ve been writing since 3rd grade. No published fiction – yet. Unless you count my restaurant reviews. Ha!
  • I love to create visual art, but don’t take time to do it.
  • When my mouth waters, I know I’m in the zone.
  • Fuck is one of my favorite words. Fits most every situation. Sailors shouldn’t get to have all the fun.
  • I love board games. And I still play Dungeons and Dragons.
  • I still eat like a first-year food reviewer.

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak