A Prayer for your Goddess

Susan Seddon-Boulet

Do you know that you are beautiful? That the Goddess sings through your voice? That your words are Her words; your song, Her song. That the smoothness of your skin, the glisten of your sweat, your tousled hair – all are a delightful expression of your beauty and your passion. It radiates from you, this glow of pure expression.

May it overwhelm you. May this joy and light be embodied by you and every woman on the planet, a gift to yourself that takes you to the exultant heights of your creativity and ecstasy. For that is what you are. Pure, passionate creation.

May you hear this in the wind, the waves, the whisper of your lover. May you feel it in the warmth of the sun, the flow of your steps, the freshness of your breath. May you know it in your heart, your bones and your belly.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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"You made my day yesterday. I'm still encapsulated in sunny-yellow, powerful warmth."  -Denise Lewis Premschak

3 Responses to “A Prayer for your Goddess”

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  1. Kara says:

    I like the painting. Years ago I felt I had wings like this for a moment during a yoga/meditation class. They birthed out of my shoulder blades with such magnificent force, massive, heavy, masculine, of the animal realm, white and wonderous. Thank you, awesome to revisit that experience today.

  2. Ephraim says:


    really amazing.

    thank you.

  3. Peg says:

    Thank you, Ephraim. I love your Valentine’s day Goddess prayer. It was only one year ago that I did not feel beautiful. And I certainly didn’t feel like a Goddess. In fact, I remember telling you “I am such a mess.” And your reassuring response was, “If you are a mess, my dear, it is a beautiful mess. A beautiful, perfect mess.” You have guided me to find, accept and even love that Goddess within. Even in the midst of chaos. Even when I am a “mess”. My prayer for every woman out there, is to love and nurture that Goddess within.